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Visit the Broumov Monastery - National Cultural Monument, an example of the top baroque architecture full of unique works of art. We offer various types of guided tours.


Focus on Baroque

Visit the pearl of the baroque architecture with a unique copy of the Turin Shroud and the place where the Codex Gigas, or so-called the Devil’s Bible was placed for more than 200 years. Visitors of the guided tour will see the...


Life in the Monastery

The standard guided tour with the Monk. And because we are in the benedictine monastery, it will be a costiume monk. The visitors will also get interesting information about life of monks in the monastery.  You will see: refectory -...


Ineractive guided tours of the Scriptorium

Interactive guided tours of our medieval monastery scriptorium July, August: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday / 10 AM, 1 PM Entry: 150 CZK / adult 80 CZK / senior and children 6 - 12 years 40 CZK / children 3 - 6 years free entry / children...


Night costumed guided tours

Magical night guided tours through the darkened monastery. Costumed actors will show you interesting features of historical life in the monastery.  WHEN: every holiday Friday at 7 and 9 PM ENTRY: 190 / 120 CZK RESERVATIONS:...


Night guided tours

Special and magical guided "candlelight" tours at night time. You will discover interesting moments from a monastic life and explore the most beautiful interiors of our national cultural monument.  When: 3. 7. – 28. 8. 2021 |...


Baroque not just for eyes

Interactive guided tour for children from 6 years via church of St. Adalbert, revitalised premises of the monastery and the monastery garden.  Entry: 150 CZK / child Reservations:


Cemetery Church of the Virgin Mary

The unique cemetery Church of the Virgin Mary in Broumov, which is also called the "Church of Our Cherished Lady" or the "Virgin Mary underthe Linden Trees". It is an exceptionally significant building, not only from the construction aspect. It is...


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