Cemetery Church of the Virgin Mary

The unique wooden monument in Broumov

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Treasures of the Broumov region

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The unique cemetery Church of the Virgin Mary in Broumov, which is also called the "Church of Our Cherished Lady" or the "Virgin Mary underthe Linden Trees". It is an exceptionally significant building, not only from the construction aspect. It is the oldest preserved all-wood construction in Central Europe.

WHEN: June - September / Monday to Sunday / 9:00 - 17:00


There are almost romantic estimates about its age and history based on the fact that there used to be an original Czech village here dating back to 1171. The church was allegedly built by a "pagan princess" in that year. The existence of the Church of the Virgin Mary, however; is not confirmed until 1383, when it is mentioned in documents. It is called the "old parish church" or the "Czech church". In 1421 the wooden church was destroyed by fire during the Hussite siege of the town. The extent of destruction and what has been preserved from the original building is uncertain.

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