Scriptorium - medieval writing room

4th Broumov discussions / 6. - 7.11.2017

Two-days debatable conference with an accompanying program.

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Interactive historical workshops

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This educational program is taking place in the medieval Scriptorium, situated in the renovated interiors of the monastery. Program for infant schools, secondary schools and high schools explores the world of medieval monks. During interactive workshops children find out what monks used for writing, how they created paper, natural colours, vellums or herbals.

Duration: 2 hours, 1 day or more days
Place: Scriptorium, Broumov Monastery
Accommodation: House of Guests, Broumov Monastery


Letterpress in the Scriptorium / New educational program for schools is introducing famous invention of the 15th century - the letterpress of Johannes Gutenberg. Available from March 2017.

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Martina Junková
Educational and cultural centre Broumov Monastery

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